4-H Ambassadors educate community


Madisonville locals Madi Caperton and Emma Hurst recently completed the Texas 4-H Livestock Ambassador short course the summer and are now embracing their responsibilities in the community.

Madison County currently has three Texas Livestock Ambassadors including Caperton, Hurst and Cody Cole. Cole completed the short course a year ago and participated in phase two of the program this summer, which included a trip to Austin.

The four-day short course teaches the ambassadors about animal reproduction, mainly with the livestock showing animals, and also gave the students an opportunity to hear from professors at Texas A&M.

The goal of the course is to develop public relations skills. Essentially, they are the connection between the farmer or rancher and the consumer. They are also responsible for clearing up some of the misunderstandings in the industry so the public has all of the facts at their disposal.

“The courses taught us different things about animals and how some of the shows work,” said Madi Caperton. “We gained valuable experience and lessons on how to reach out to the community and teach them more about 4-H.”

“For me, it was helpful to learn about how the different meats are processed,” said Emma Hurst. “This gives us a better understanding of how it gets to the grocery stores. We also learned in detail the different things animals eat and how they grow.”

Cody Cole, who traveled to Austin as part of his ambassadorship, got a firsthand look at the different points of view concerning the industry.

“We got to speak with a man from the humane society,” said Cole. “This gave me a perspective of those who do not necessarily agree what we are a part of.”

Part of the responsibilities upon graduation is to come back to the public to promote 4-H. On Thursday, the students set up an informational presentation and handed out flyers at Madisonville Junior High.

The ambassadors will continue to use the information they have gathered to educate the community on animals and 4-H as a whole.