A century in the making


Ethelay Sanchez, who was born in Midway on October 13, 1918, celebrated her 100th birthday on Saturday afternoon surrounded by family and friends.

“The world has changed a whole lot,” said Sanchez at her Midway home. “I can remember the old mailman used to drive the truck down my dirt road and my uncle would help him when he got stuck in the mud. I also remember the first book I ever received in school.”

Sanchez enjoys to dance and she still tends to her rabbits and chicken every day. In 2018, she still makes a lasting impact on her loved ones and legacy.

“She has meant the world to me,” said Ethelay’s granddaughter Peggy Sanchez Donalson. “I am blessed to still have my grandmother with me today. She has influenced me a whole lot and helped me be a better mother to my children.”

Ethelay had a total of seven children, five are still alive today. She is not the first in her family to reach the century mark and her living room wall is dedicated to photos of her loves ones.