A tragic scene


When does a tragic scene become everyday fodder and just another headline on a screen?   Madisonville CISD High School Students witnessed a tragic scene involving their friends and classmates at the “Shattered Dreams” presentation put on by the district on Thursday, May 11, 2017.

The “Shattered Dreams” program was presented to students to provide a realistic simulation of a drunk/distracted driving motor vehicle accident with injuries and fatality. 

The Madisonville Fire Department, First Responders, State Troopers, Madison County Sheriff’s Department, Madisonville Police Department and Madisonville High School students reenact the scenario providing a visual image of the possible consequences of driving under any influence or distraction.

In the afternoon an assembly was held for students with speakers from law enforcement and a convicted drunk driver to further drive the point home to students.

“The story Sergeant Cornelius told about the mini van and the kids dying in the fire really hit home for me,” said one student.

Unfortunately, in today’s society where graphic visual images are plenty and the reality of pain and emotion is vastly removed from them, it is hard to penetrate the immortal mind of a child to get their attention and focus back to reality.

“I was really disappointed in the students and the way they behaved at the crash scene,” said one Madisonville Senior.  “I mean, we’re supposed to be young adults here and everyone was just acting like none of it mattered.”

Reality is, for children and adults, no matter how many programs or different ways of stating or showing concern, sometimes it is only by tragedy hitting so close to home, that we wake up to realize there are consequences to our actions, whether intended or not.  

However, by investing in these programs, if one eye is opened, if one second thought is made, if one life is saved, the investment was a worthwhile endeavor.