Another scary step toward democracy’s end


As with previous weeks, and seemingly every week with the current president and his predilection for stirring the pot, there’s quite a bit to unpack in the world of politics.

The Helsinki summit, depending on who you listen to, is a failure, success or grounds for impeachment of President Trump, takeover bids for Fox, the socialist candidate in New York, who was a darling of the media, has lost her shine and now is being downplayed.

Hidden in all the headlines was a piece that, at least to the like of me, was pretty chilling, and completely downplayed.

It seems that the cities of Stockton, Calif., and the Windy City of Chicago are embarking on pilot programs of giving away free income to families — no questions asked.

As in, “Here’s $500 a month. See you next month.”

Stockton will experiment with 100 families, and Chicago with 1,000, on a program they’re calling universal basic income. It’s to run 18 months, and then a decision will be determined if it’s to become citywide.

This. This is where the road to communism starts.

At first glance, if you’re needy, is that $500 sure would come in handy, and if you’re not needy, that it seems like a good idea to give money to those who need it.

In the parameters of this program, there’s no questions asked, so there’s no guarantee that the needy will get the funds; but the big question remains, and it’s largely rhetorical: Where do these funds come from?

See, governments, be they as small as schools and cities or as large as countries, generate nothing, and that includes income. The funds those entities operate with come from taxes, which is to say, you and I. The cost for these experiments will be $500,000 per month for Chicago and $5,000 per month for Stockton.

In a town like Chicago, which is already unable to meet its financial obligations, how will these funds be allocated? Same for Stockton. The taxpayers already suffering will be made to suffer more.

The underlying tenet of communism is in a nutshell, “To each according to his need, from each according to his ability.” So, if you have an income, or property, or somesuch, you will be dunned for this.

Granted, this is not happening here, but it is happening, and it’s only a matter of time.

We all need to help the less fortunate, that is a given, and is the proper thing to do. It is not for government to determine that need, and then determine the method of assistance, which it will enforce with all the power of the law.

Charity doesn’t come at the end of a gun.

•In our Headline of Note, you’ll be surprised to learn that President Obama believes in income equality as well: Obama slams populist 'right-wing billionaires,' touts liberal push for 'universal income.'

Same liberal line, pushing for votes, not for solid, meaningful policies or assistance.

Tony Farkas is publisher of the Madisonville Meteor.