Another year, same old running ground


There’s an old adage that people throw around to denote both inevitability and, well, slowness.

Christmas is coming.

You’ve probably used it on someone — “I’m coming! I’m coming!” “So’s Christmas!” Or more prevalent this time of year — “XX Shopping Days til Christmas.”

So, just like the dependability of Christmas, here comes yet another ruling by a judge who thinks the judicial branch makes law, instead of interpreting legality based on the constitution.

Also, just as dependable, it dealt with an immigration issue, and was issued by a judge in the 9th Judicial District, Jon Tigar of California, where all immigration orders and laws are contested because of the leniency and liberal natures of the judiciary.

President Donald Trump issued an order earlier this month banning anyone who enters the country illegally from seeking asylum, mostly in the wake of a huge wave of people trekking through Mexico for the border.

It still is the government’s responsibility to regulate immigration into the country, and our government still answers to the president, regardless of how much certain sects of society deem it otherwise.

The judge, however, said that the president acted on his own accord, which he is not allowed to do, and that Congress should have been in on the act.

Whatever side of this thing you fall on, there needs to be someone concerned about our country here, and it seems the president is the only one on that page, as far as elected officials go. However, there remains only two camps — all or none, and each side is wrong, or so their advocates claim.

Congress has shown little ambition to act on this matter; instead, members seem only interested in playing to whatever base gets them elected. There has been little to no effort — except by the president — to get control of the nation’s borders. No wall. No reform. No discussion. Nothing.

It seems that every time the president tries to accomplish something, though, there is the inevitable court fight, since Democrats and liberals of all stripes will challenge anything Trump does, mostly because the man had the audacity to win an election.

So we’re stuck in this seemingly unending back-seat-of-the-car battle between the branches of government, while the caravan of people move closer and closer to the border.

This will not end well, particularly since we can’t make a decision about what should be done.

It’s been said that President Trump is still a staunch supporter of common-sense immigration and adherence to the law. Let’s see more of that, especially from all branches of government — particularly the judicial branch.

Tony Farkas is publisher of the Madisonville Meteor.