Bedias Women’s Club meets next Thursday


Our Thursday, June 28, Bedias Women’s Club program will feature Allan Homann, our Agri Life Extension Agent for Grimes County. We meet every fourth Thursday, at 2 p.m., at the Bedias Civic Center. To learn more, please call Virginia Price, 936-661-6498. All Bedias area women are encouraged to attend and participate on all Bedias Women’s Club activities.

•Thank you to everyone who joined us for our Second Sunday Christian Movie Night at the Rev. Henry Sanders’ church, Faith Outreach Christian Center, in Navasota. Our June 10 Second Sunday film was “Champion,” and our July 8 film will be “Same Kind of Different as Me.” Everyone is invited and encouraged to join us for each of our wonderful Christian movie nights in our new home. You can find more information about Faith Outreach on their webpage,

Please go to our Facebook page,, or, for more information on our programs.

•Mackie Bobo-White asks us to put a plug in for the Bedias Library and Museum (, we are going to have a summer reading program and we will continue to be open on Tuesdays and Thursdays, from 12 noon to 5 p.m., during the summer. We would also love to have volunteers to work two-hour shifts once a week this summer. For questions, contact Mackie Bobo-White at (936) 355-0742.

•In going about our day-to-day lives, we sometimes forget about those of our neighbors who are residing in our local nursing homes, either for a short recuperation or perhaps for a longer stay. Please plan to take a few minutes, or a couple of hours, out of your busy day to pay a visit to our often-lonely friends and neighbors soon; and make it a habit to reach out in love and companionship to those who cannot get out and about in our community. Please, also encourage your pastor and fellow church members to visit with you in sharing the love of Christ in our community.

•Do you have a community or church event you would like included in our weekly column? We would love to share your news with our readers.

•Happy birthday to Sue Ellen Koop, Susan Warmuth, Hazel Weidman, Ann Worrell, James Isbell, Bobby Prade, Trent Upchurch, Laurie Flick, Rhonda Stockton, Raby Wallen Heather Sword, Glenda Westbrook and Jason Flick.

Happy anniversary to Kenneth and Artie McDougald and Jason and Laurie Flick.

Congratulations to everyone else celebrating personal and family occasions. Drop us a note if you want to add someone to our birthday, anniversary or concerns list.

•Please take care when driving near schools and road construction and repair areas. Please uphold our brave law enforcement officers, volunteer fire fighters and other first responders, also, please remember the Mosley family on the loss of their two young children, Mackie Bobo-White, who is recovering from recent knee surgery, Richard Taylor, Nicki Thomson, Lew Gears, George Newton, Aidan Fedor and Betty Darby in your hearts and prayers.

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