Border angst the problem, not a solution


No child, regardless of race, color, creed, etc., will EVER want to be ripped from its parents, and any sane person would never want to be in the position to make that call.

The collective outrage at the developments in the realm of immigration, to my mind, is correct, but the aim is off.

Anyone with any sense can see that all of the posturing and pontification by our elected officials is mostly just show, with one side blaming the other, and each claiming to have the moral high ground.

Mostly, this is ridiculous, and I don’t care.

Yes, President Trump signed an Executive Order ending the forced separation of children from their parents. Everyone with sense will see this as a good move, even though it could be said that the intent was more of a gotcha move instead of one based in compassion.

Those debates will get us nowhere, as the issue of whys and wherefores are extremely polarizing.

What is evident is that there is a big problem with our government, one that needs attention as immediate as that of the forced separation of families. It means that this government needs to get off its collective duff and actually do its job.

With tariffs causing rifts,

All I took away from the latest “issue” is that nothing was done for the country or its citizens — that we witnessed the federal version of a schoolyard shoving match, at the end of which no one became friends and the underlying issue still exists.

Immigration has been a problem for many, many years. Other administrations have attempted reform in the past, but it seems like all that happens is a crisis, followed by outrage, followed by legislation and hearings, followed by a lack of application and follow-up, followed by another administration and another crisis.

A country must always be able to determine its destiny, and that includes its borders and those wishing to become citizens. If we truly are the compassionate people we claim to be, then we will make the process of citizenship more accessible to those that need it.

What we cannot do is throw the doors open wide. As much as it would behoove us to be the safe place for all the downtrodden people in the world, if we don’t approach this in a smart, effective manner, it will be anarchy.

Let’s hope that all the screaming, finger-pointing and chest-beating is over, and the real work of government begins.

•This week’s Headline of Note is a sartorial jaunt from The Daily Caller: Trump: Melania’s Jacket Was A Message To ‘Fake News’ Media.

Melania Trump toured the border and visited children detained there, and on the back of the jacket she wore was ensconced the saying, “I Really Don’t Care. Do U?”

Optically, not the best, but why was this the news? Why not the fact that she had the compassion and wherewithal to become engaged in the issue?

What did this missive tell the readers? Nothing but hate.

Tony Farkas is publisher of the Madisonville Meteor.