Chili warms bodies, souls


NORTH ZULCH - Almost doubling in size, the North Zulch Fire Department'a annual Chili and Gumbo Cook-Off on Saturday was a success, raising more than $5,000 for the department.

NZFD Chief Tony Clay said the damp weather and cold temperatures didn't hamper the event, and may have even helped, given the menu.

Volunteer firefighter and organizer Vance Ballard said he was pleased with the turnout, as there were 24 teams, which is up from 17 from the first year.

The team Can't Beat Our Meat took home the Taster's Choice award, and Triple E Cookers won the Showmanship award for being the most engaging.

In the Gumbo category, first place went to Get Right Cookers, second place to Camo Cookers and third place to Bowls of Steel.

In Chili, first place went to LJR, second place to 5-Pack and third place to the Madisonville Fire Department.