City approves tire ordinance


The city of Madisonville is taking step to improve its looks, and on Monday approved an ordinance that will limit tire storage, designate storage requirements and require licenses for businesses that generate waste tires.

City Inspector Don Grooms said the ordinance, which was recommended by the Planning & Zoning Commission, was in response to the lack of any regulations regarding tire storage.

“There’s one place that has about 2,000 tires that were against the property line fence,” Grooms said. “In the ordinance, and according to Texas Commission on Environmental Quality rules, those tires must be 40 off of the fence to allow for emergency vehicles to get around, and no more than 500 tires are allowed on the ground. Anything more, and the person needs to be registered with TCEQ.”

The ordinance is in line with all TCEQ regulations, he said. Tires must be disposed of properly, and must be monitored at least every two weeks to prevent health hazards, such as fires, insects like mosquitos and snakes. Additionally, a manifest is required when tires are sent for disposal.

Mayor Bill Parten also suggested that all city codes be reviewed, as many were passed years ago and could possibly be in need of improvement.

Grooms said there always is room for improvement.

“One of the changes we plan for next month through the P&Z is adding a garage sale ordinance,” he said.

The change was in response to a garage sale held in the city that lasted three weeks.

Grooms said all ordinances should be reviewed, and will be in the coming months.

In other business, the city:

•approved an ordinance declining a rate change request by Entergy Texas;

•approved a bid for work associated with Lift Station No. 8 across from Buc-ee’s in the amount of $325,100;

•approved a payment of $345,534 to Weisinger Inc. for work on the new city well; and

•discussed the August date for the annual Community Prayer Vigil.