City hopes to improve well service


The City of Madisonville will need to limp along on water for a short time, as one well has been shut down and a replacement will need to be drilled.

At the regular City Council meeting on Monday, Public Works Director Kevin Story said that one of three wells servicing the city had to be shut down because the well casing had deteriorated.

Story said he’s waiting for approval from Mideast Texas Groundwater to begin drilling.

“It’s not something you can just go out there and drill,” he said. “You have to go through several agencies.”

Story said that as of Monday, there has only been a conduit installed, so when the actual drilling equipment comes in, the ground won’t collapse.

“We’re still a little ways out, as we have to have all the I’s dotted and t’s crossed, but I hope in the very, very near future we’ll start drilling a well,” he said.

In the meantime, two other wells are supplying the city with water, which is adequate to meet the need. However, Story said, as the weather gets warmer, usage will increase and could put a strain on resources.

Story said that he will open the splash pad at Lake Madison Park as scheduled on April 15, but will monitor the water usage.

“If I see water usage out of hand, I may shut it down, or operate it three days out of the week,” he said.

While the third well is closed, Story said it can be put back into service in case of emergency, such as a fire. Should the replacement well not be completed and demand increases past the city’s current ability to provide water, drought contingencies may be instituted.

The city will know more about the progress at its next meeting.

In other business, the council:

•approved a waiver of $841.56 in penalties and interest on a tax lien for property recently purchased by the Madisonville Cemetery Association;

•assigned the interest of Amazing Grants Inc. to GrantWorks Inc. regarding a Texas Community Development Block Grant; and

•approved a compliance policy regarding tax-exempt obligations.