City still seeks help on water use


The city of Madisonville still is awaiting approval for its new well to be put into use, and city officials ask that residents continue conserving water.

Recent weather conditions, combined with a temporarily limited water supply, forced the city to ask for help to curb water usage, and the Madisonville City Council approved implementation of Stage 1 of the city’s drought contingency plan.

City Manager Camilla Viator said compliance with the plan at this stage is voluntary, but necessary, to allow the city to continue to provide services, including fire protection.

In a release, Viator said that at this time, all water production for the city is provided by two wells. The drought contingency plan seeks to reduce water consumption in the city by 5 to 10 percent.

To accomplish that, residents are asked to:

•Limit watering landscaped areas to every other day, based on a calendar system. Homes with even numbers are asked to water only on even calendar days, and homes with odd numbers are asked to water only on odd-numbered days.

•Watering should not be done between 10 a.m. and 7 p.m., the hottest part of the day.

•Any non-essential water use should be stopped.

Viator stressed that these measures are voluntary.

For its part, the city will comply with the plan, including shutting down the operation of the splash pad at Lake Madison Park four days a week. The pad will only be open Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

In addition, the city will:

•Reduce watering city parks and public areas.

•Reduce flushing water mains and sewer lines.

•Enhance monitoring and maintenance of the supply and distribution system.

Should conditions improve for three days straight, the city could consider rescinding its order.

For information, contact the city at (936) 348-3815.