City OKs Fire Department deal


The Madisonville City County on Monday approved a “memorandum of understanding” with Madison County regarding fire protection outside of the city limits.

However, the memorandum still requires county approval to become binding.

Previously, the county had been paying about $15,000 per year to the city for firefighting services outside of the city limits; however, the majority of fire calls answered by the Madisonville Fire Department are in the county, and city officials felt that amount was not enough.

Mayor Bill Parten said more than 50 percent of the fires are in the county.

“The City of Madisonville pays for all the Fire Department equipment, pays for training and pays for insurance,” Parten said.

The county, which provides jail and dispatch services for the Fire and Police departments, charges the city for those services. In the new memorandum, though, the county will forego those charges for a year.

In the past, the city has paid around $32,000 per year for jail services, and $52,000 per year for dispatch services, which the county will provide for free for the year.

The city, in turn, will continue to provide fire protection — without the annual contribution from the county — and not charge for sewer and water services to the county jail.

In other business, the city:

•went into closed session to discuss the annual evaluation of Viator, after which Parten said the city was proud of the work she was doing; and

•appointed Council Member Dale Kovacs to the Fireman’s Retirement Board.