Community elects new Little League board

Posted 4/9/19

The community voted in a new board of directors to run Madisonville Little League last Monday after an email sent from within the previous board raised questions of negligence from a number of concerned parents.

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Community elects new Little League board


The community voted in a new board of directors to run Madisonville Little League last Monday after an email sent from within the previous board raised questions of negligence from a number of concerned parents.

“The email basically outlined a disorganization between the board,” said Heather Lowery, the new board’s president. “It was a conflict the board members had with each other and not being able to come to a peaceful resolution on bylaws and basic functions on how it should be run.”

Part of the disagreement involved questions of how much oversight the board would have moving forward as well as how much power the president would have. In response to the email, Lowery organized a meeting for parents who could attend last Saturday at Lake Madison. Around 50 people attended along with four board members, including former President Anita Dale.

“People wanted to know if we were even going to have a league to play in,” said Lowery. “We felt that the former board did not represent the best interests of the kids. People put money into this organization and did not feel as if it were being used properly.”

An official meeting was held at the Lake House on Monday evening to further discuss the concerns. The lengthy meeting included questions about the amount of sponsors acquired for the season as well as the state of the uniforms, which were ordered improperly.

“Members of the community were willing to stay,” said Lowery on the meeting that lasted more than three hours. “Everyone was hot, hungry and thirsty but they were willing to make things right and get back on track. We were whole-heartedly thankful that everyone was able to stick it out.”

Ultimately, the community voted for the resignation of the board so a new one could be put in place. Dale left the meeting early, but all eight of the previous members ultimately signed the resignation form at the community’s request.

Dale wishes the best for the league and offers her prayers to all involved, but provided no further comment.

The new board members were selected that night with the help of Roger Padon, who has been a member of the Madisonville Little League Board in the past and organized the vote.

The new board will have nine members in contrast to the previous, which had eight. Those members are Heather Lowery (President), Lance Hickman (Vice President), Stephanee Garrett (Secretary), Shannon McDonald (Treasurer), Brandon Pope (Concessions Director), Adam Walls (Player Agent), Lola Hardy (Public Relations), Mitch Puckett (Equipment Manager) and Scott Lowery (Umpire Director and Score Official).

Hickman was the only member of the previous board selected to maintain their position.

“I think this new board has much better communication,” said Hickman, who resigned on Monday before he was reelected for the same position. “We could not agree on how things should be operated and resolved that board. I have full confidence in everyone in this new group to get this going for the kids.”

The new board essentially started from scratch with their first meeting on Wednesday to discuss opening ceremonies, concessions, trophy providers and a number of other pressing issues as the season looms. In the first two days after taking over, they were able to acquire almost all of the sponsorships necessary for the teams and were heavily assisted by the city to accomplish a number of other tasks.

During Monday’s meeting, the community voted to push back the opening ceremonies by one week. They are still in the process of finalizing new bylaws and have not yet decided on how long their terms will last. Since many of the new board members have younger children in the league, Lowery hopes that they will be involved for the foreseeable future. She also expressed an interest in growing the board, adding special committees and more community involvement.

“The main thing is not allowing this to impact the kids,” said Lowery. “They are not totally unaware of the situation since most of the older children who are part of the league are on Facebook and see the posts, but we do not want them to be impacted because adults could not get the job done.”

Opening Ceremonies for the Madisonville Little League are now scheduled to take place on Saturday.