County approves temp hire for JP office


Madison County Commissioners on Friday approved a temporary hire for the office of the Justice of the Peace to help alleviate a staff overworked due to an employee being out with medical issues.

The hire was the sole item discussed at the special meeting.

District 1 JP Lew Plotts said that they need help with the phone and other office help, since current assistant Vickie Haltom is out for some time following knee surgery.

Plotts said he only needed a person part-time, but wanted advice from the commissioners on hiring and pay.

County Treasurer Judi Delesandri said that in the past, a person was paid $12 per hour. She also said that since the position was temporary, it could be up to 40 hours per week.

Plotts said he had a candidate in mind, but Delesandri said the job must be posted to meet all county hiring requirements.

The position would be anywhere from four to six weeks, Plotts said.

Commissioner Ricky Driskell then moved to have the position advertised and hired at $12 per hour, with the funds to be taken out of the county’s contingency budget.

Commissioner Carl Cannon and County Judge C.E. McDaniel agreed, and the item was approved.

Commissioners Sam Cole and Thomas Collard were not present for the special meeting.