County, city seek inspections answer


Madison County is again seeking solutions for sewage and food service inspections, and approved seeking cooperation with the city’s inspector to serve in that capacity.

The county has hired two designated representatives in two years; Chase Manning replaced Don Grooms last year, but resigned his position at the beginning of June.

County Judge C.E. McDaniel said on Monday that the county is in the same boat it was last year.

“Lynn Jeffries has accepted that position, but we have to get someone certified to do the sewage and food inspections,” he said.

City Manager Camilla Viator has suggested the county and city come to an agreement to share their inspector with the county, McDaniel said.

Ricky Driskell suggested that part of the agreement could include that the city retain any fees charged by the county to use city inspector Don Grooms.

“We shouldn’t have to pay any of his salary,” Driskell said.

Viator said this was something that was talked about in the past, and now would be a good time to revisit the matter.

“It would be more efficient if we did them together,” Viator said.

Viator said in the past, Grooms was contracted to work with county, but collecting and keeping the fees charged by the county was fine as well.

Driskell said there needs to be some discussion as to what it would take to do the job, and McDaniel said there will need to be an agreement drawn up at a later date.

In a related matter, the county approved training for newly hired Designated Representative Lynn Jeffries, who will act as backup for Grooms for inspections once he receives his certifications.

In other business, the county:

•Approved the hiring of Donna Cuevas as an administrative assistant at the rate of $18.50 per hour. It was approved at the last meeting, but in order to satisfy legal needs, was redone;

•waived back taxes in the amount of $7.71 for the Madison County Economic Development Corp.; and

•approved the County Judge as signatory for a contract setting senior meal rates.