County issues burn ban


Madison County on Friday issued a burn ban throughout the county, citing a lack of rainfall for quite some time.

A declaration was signed Friday afternoon by County Judge C.E. McDaniel.

Actions banned by the declaration include:

•any outdoor burning of any combustible material. Thie order does not prohibit cooking stoves fueled by "white gasoline" or outdoor cooking grills fueled by propane or natural gas. Additionally, it does not prohibit outdoor cooking events that are continuously monitored or overseen by Fire Department personnel;

•The sale and use of all fireworks; and

•Outdoor welding, except when a spotter is required for each welder, each cutter, and each grinder and for any activity that causes or may cause a spark, a diameter around the welding area of 25 feet and clear vegetation is kept wet if possible; a water pressure fire extinguisher per spotter is kept; welding rig must have a Class B chemical fire extinguisher, and no welding is to be performed if winds are 20 mph or greater.

Welders must call the Madison County Sheriff's Department at (936) 348-2755 and provide the location of the project, a contact person, a name of party responsible, and the name of welder.