County OKs fund draw for repairs


By Tony Farkas

In light of the damage done by recent rains, the Madison County Commissioners’ Court on Monday approved moving money out of its contingency fund to help Precincts 2 and 4 pay for road repairs.

Commissioner Thomas Collard said that funds will be needed for road repairs, and wanted to know if any transfers will need to be approved individually.

County Auditor Toni Joyner suggest the court pre-approve an amount to transfer based on estimates provided by the commissioners in question.

“They (the commissioners) can take it out as needed — to a cap,” Joyner said. “If they need more, they come back to commissioners court again.”

Collard said his repairs as of Monday amounted to about $52,000, and Commissioner Sam Cole said his amounts to $95,000.

Emergency Management Coordinator Shelly Butts said during the meeting that damage from recent storms amounted to $379,000 in the county alone.

Collard said he is requesting funds be disbursed in this manner so as not to affect the budget for incoming Precinct 2 Commissioner Carl Wiseman.

As some of those repairs involve damage from recent rains, there could be some reimbursement from state and federal governments.

“You’re looking at 25 percent or more that the county will be responsible for,” she said. “They’re going to have to document time, materials and equipment — all the work that’s done on damaged roads.”

The county then approved those amounts — $50,000 for Collard and $95,000 for Cole — to be used for road and bridge maintenance related to storm damage.

In a separate matter, county resident Sonny Goodrum question commissioners on budget matters, saying that Precinct 4 had twice as many miles of roads to maintain, but received roughly the same amount of funding as the other three districts.

He said Precinct 4 has 90 miles of roads to maintain.

County Judge C.E. McDaniel said the court would not address his complaint directly, but did thank him for his comments.

In other business, the county:

•proclaimed Nov. 3 as the day for the unveiling of a Historical Marker at the Midway Cemetery, which will be hosted by the Daughters of the Republic of Texas and the Madison County Historical Commission;

•accepted an Emergency Management grant for $28,417.38;

•approved the issuance of $3,000 in hotel/motel funds for the 2019 Lions Club Gun Show;

•approved $15,359.52 in purchase orders for the County Judge as part of the Lame Duck requirements enacted at the Oct. 9 meeting;

•approved $65,500 in purchase orders for the Precinct 2 County Commissioner as part of the Lame Duck requirements;

•approved $96,555 in purchase orders for the Precinct 4 County Commissioner as part of the Lame Duck requirements;

•approved $8,000 in purchase orders for Building and Grounds as part of the Lame Duck requirements; and

•awarded a bid of $201,844 to Elliott Construction LLC for water line and meter replacement in North Zulch.