Couple raises funds for adoption


Madisonville residents Jason and Katie Amundson are attempting to raise money so they can finalize the adoptions of Melissa and Caylee, who they have looked after since April.

Originally, the couple was just looking for custody. But due to unforeseen complications they will have to officially adopt the girls if they are to be their full-time parents. They have been using GoFundMe and estimate they need to raise about $3,500, but are grateful for whatever they can receive.

“It was love at first sight,” said Jason Amundson. “But it was also rough at first, as we expected. They have been through so much.”

“They have come a long way in just seven months,” said Katie Amundson. “They need a good permanent home and they need a place that they can feel safe.”

The six and seven-year-old girls have had multiple homes growing up and were “passed around between friends and family” according to the Amundsons.

The Amundsons also said that they were told by the grandmother of the girls that they could have custody, but she went back-and-forth on her decision without any warning. The birth mother has also gone back-and-forth and has recently expressed a desire to get the girls back from the Amundsons.

“It has been really hard,” said Katie. “We had been trying to have children for two years. When we were told we could pick the girls up in April, we dropped everything. They called us mom and dad right away which was unexpected.”

As of now the couple has custody, but they are hoping to raise enough money to expedite the process and officially end the sage that has resulted in such drama for Melissa and Caylee. To make a contribution or to learn further information, visit