Cross-country conclude regular season


FAIRFIELD — The Madisonville cross-country team recorded another impressive showing on Saturday at the Golden Eagle Run meet in Fairfield.

The competition was the team’s final regular season meet for the Mustangs.

“These athletes have done a fine job representing Madisonville so far this season,” said head cross-country coach Jo Dorman. “Please congratulate the players on a job well done and wish them the best of luck this week at the district meets.”

Madisonville’s district meets will also take place at Fairfield High School. The junior high runners will compete in their district meet today and the high school competitions will take place tomorrow.

In their final display of the regular season on Saturday, the Varsity girls were able to place second overall while the Varsity boys snagged third place. The junior high girls placed fifth and the junior high boys seventh on the day.

Multiple athletes represented Madisonville in Fairfield on Saturday, some of which earned medals for their play. Listed are the athletes who competed:

High School Girls:

Madi Caperton – medal

Allison Karr – medal

Grace Williamson – medal

Binna Simms

Garlanesia Gilbert

Kourtney Fleck

Haley Fleck

High School Boys:

Gabe Coleman – medal

Bret Snook

Garrett Underwood

Christian Clapp

Max Badillo

JH Girls:

Zoe Newton – medal

Landri Lee

Brianna Torres

Taylor Sward

Haley Culp

Katrina Turner

Teliyah Mathews

JH Boys:

Payton Rose

Cameron Brisher

Camen Forest

Miguel Ardon

Carlos Alvarado

Rayce Hudson