Davis family gathers for 83rd reunion


Throughout the ever-changing tapestry of history, there’s something that remains constant: The Davis family tree runs strong.

The Davis family had their 83rd annual reunion July 7. The family has gotten together each summer since 1937. The first year comprised Jeff Davis, Sr. -- patriarch of the family -- and his 14 children.

The now proud family reunion started out as a simple birthday celebration for Jeff which has become a regular, massive, gathering of more than 200 attendees.

The reunion is usually held in the Madison County area, considering that their ancestors were sharecroppers here and have roots embedded in Madison County’s history. Most of the Davis family live in the state of Texas, with a few families coming in from all over the U.S. such as California, New Mexico, Alaska, and Washington.

When asked what their favorite part was about coming to the reunion, most of the family members answered that it was nice to be able to reconnect and share memories together once again. “The love that our family shows is just amazing,'' said Valerie Maklin, a member of the family who started coming to the reunion only two years ago, but was quickly embraced.

The eldest member of the family and grandaughter to Jeff Davis Sr., Needa Marie Davis, 84, was unfortunately not able to make it to the reunion this year due to health concerns, but she was still with her family in their hearts and minds.

The Davis family is proud of their lineage and they vow to try to keep tabs on all their family members through an archive that Larry “Bobby” Stewart had started for them as a way of keeping the history alive through the generations.

“Our main goal as a family is to keep our traditions and family lines going. It is very important for our future generations to remember their ancestry and where it all originated from,” said Stewart.

As a more modern way with keeping up with each other, the family also communicates through social media using the term #DavisBlood. They also have a website entitled davisreunion@myevent.com where you can find various pictures, videos, and an in-depth history on the Davis family tree.

All in all, the Davis family, with 200-plus members and growing, is planning on being here for many more years.