Elementary holds fun run


Madisonville Elementary students converged on Mustang Stadium on Friday for a morning of exerting energy in culmination of a two-week fundraising project.

From April 1-12, the students raised money in the community and online in an effort to allocate enough funds for new playground equipment for the campus. The students were incentivized by a number of prizes throughout the 12-day period and Principal Rhodena Brooks challenged them with the goal of surpassing the ten thousand dollar mark. The earnings will not be totaled until later in the week, but the students did surpass this goal.

“The (Parent Teacher Organization) first came to me with this and since we want our children to be physically fit, we thought that this would be a good activity for them,” said Dr. Brooks. “Everyone has been really supportive and they have really enjoyed collecting the money because prizes were given as incentives such as a football or toys. All of the students who got someone to pledge received something and they have all really enjoyed the activity.”

The children at the elementary school were introduced to the project via the morning announcements on April 1. They received packets to take home that outlined the rules of the fundraiser and everything it entailed.

“The kids exceeded their goal of ten thousand dollars and everyone had a blast,” said Stephanee Garrett, a member of the PTO. “We had so much fun putting this together and seeing the excitement on their faces. We are getting great feedback from administrators, teachers, parents and students. We would like to thank our PTO volunteers, the entire staff at the Elementary and our wonderful community for rallying together to make this happen for our kids.”

The run itself took place throughout the morning on Friday at Mustang Stadium at the high school. The kids were bussed to the stadium to run by grade level and there were cones setup on the field for them to run their laps. Each lap was was one sixteenth of a mile and no student could exceed 30 laps. The laps were broken up into fun activities to avoid overexertion.

Garrett stated that this is possibly something the PTO could organize again in the future. They will be meeting roughly two weeks from now to discuss purchasing the playground equipment, which they hope will be installed during the summer.

The top 10 Elementary collectors from this year’s Fun Run are as follows: Emily Garrett (Grade 1, Mrs. Henry’s class); Haiden Walker (pre-K, Mrs. Cole’s class); Hannah Henry (First grade teacher); Linda Vinson (Kindergarten teacher); James Sullivan (Kindergarten, Mrs. Lewandowski’s class); John Ghormley (Kindergarten, Mrs. Vinson’s class); Presley Walters (pre-K, Mrs. Cole’s class); Gregory Hanson (Kindergarten, Mrs. Cousin’s class); Presley Barker (Grade 2, Mrs. Hightower’s class); Russell Ledbetter (Grade 1, Mrs. Henry’s class)