Elementary prepares for Fun Run


The Madisonville Elementary School and the Parent Teacher Organization are planning a Fun Run Fundraiser for the students to last from April 1-12 to raise money for new playground equipment for the campus.

“We have done fall fundraisers in the past but we have set this one up for spring in the hopes of raising enough money for new playground equipment for the kids,” said Stephanee Garrett, a member of the PTO.

Garrett’s sister-in-law Sarah Garrett, who is also a member of the PTO, came across the idea for a Fun Run while searching online. The kids will have accounts through funrun.com and will have 10 days to raise money for the laps they will ultimately run on April 12.

“There will be incentives and prizes each day throughout the event to keep the children involved,” said Stephanee Garrett. “When you do local fundraisers, you pull from the community. The objective of this is to also reach outside of the community and get family and friends from all over the country or world to participate.”

The children at the elementary school will be introduced to the project via the morning announcements on April 1. They will receive packets to take home that outline the rules of the fundraiser and everything it entails.

“The kids can go around door to door in the community to collect pledges,” said Garrett. “If someone wants to donate but is not approached by a student, they can assist by contacting the elementary school and sponsoring a student online.”

The run itself will take place on the morning of April 12, which is a Friday, at Mustang Stadium at the high school. The kids will be bussed to the stadium and run by grade level. Instead of running on the track, cones will be set up on the field itself for the kids to run around. Each lap will be a sixteenth of a mile and they cannot exceed 30 laps. The laps will also be broken up into fun activities to avoid overexertion.

While the kids will be motivated by specific prizes and incentives throughout the pledging period, a special reward awaits the students if they are able to reach their predetermined goal. If the students raise ten thousand dollars, Principal Rhodena Brooks has agreed to kiss a bunny for their amusement.

To sponsor a student or to make a one time donation, contact the Madisonville Elementary School at (936) 348-2261 or the Parent Teacher Organization at mcisdpto@gmail.com.