FFA honors successful year


The Madisonville FFA Chapter celebrated their accomplishments throughout the 2017-18 school year with their annual banquet on Thursday and received awards for their work.

The event was held in the high school cafeteria and featured certificates, belt buckles and cash awards for students in attendance.

Students showcased thorough and humor-based speeches, including two for a runoff election at the beginning of the ceremony. FFA students would vote at the back of the cafeteria throughout the evening and the winner was announced at the conclusion along with the rest of the officers for 2018-19. Aly Ghormley was elected the new chapter president.

Morgan Manning and Kacelyn Jarrell received scholarships of $20,000 from HLSR Go Texan. Other scholarship recipients included Whitney Anderson, Mia Caperton, Joey McIver, Blake Georg and the 2017 State Champion Ag Issues Team.

The Ag Issues team consisted of Aly Ghormley, Whitney Anderson, Madi Caperton, Joey McIver, Helena Dean and Brinna Simms. The Marketing Team was also honored along with the Agricultural Issues Forum for national finishes. Morgan Manning was honored for earning State High Point Individual in Entomology.

The Marketing Team included Aly Ghormley, Camryn Frederick and Joey McIVer while the Agricultural Issues Forum consisted of Averie Sims, Landi Shipper, Bethany Bullard, Matthew Longoria, Morgan Manning and Mia Caperton.

Also recognized was the first place Major Livestock Show Team, which consisted of Madison Counsil, Kasey Williamson, Dawson Staley, Grace Williamson, Cody Cole, Emily Alvarado, McKiever Easterling, Mia Caperton, Emily Sanford, Taylor Barrett, Dylan Stobaugh and Emma Hurst.

Camryn Frederick and Casey Corley received the Wallace Osborne American FFA Degree, donated by the Osborne family in memory of Wallace. Lonestar FFA Degrees were earned by Cody Cole, Kendall Kilcrease, Wyatt Zehnder, Averie Sims, Madison Counsil, Blake Georg, Emily Sanford, Aly Ghormley, Marcus Dorman and Lyndie Dunn.

Honorary FFA Chapter Degrees were presented to Carol Phillips and W.R. Hensarling. Casey Corley presented the awards.

The following were also recognized for their accomplishments this year:

Jr. Prepared Public Speaking - Chase McBee

Sr. Prepared Public Speaking - Ag Policy - Whitney Anderson

Sr. Prepared Public Speaking - Animal Science - Mia Caperton

Sr. Prepared Public Speaking - Natural Resources - Brinna Sims

Sr. Prepared Public Speaking - Ag Technology - Madi Caperton

Sr. Prepared Public Speaking - Plant Science - Morgan Manning

Sr. Prepared Public Speaking - Ag Business - Aly Ghormley

Soil Stewardship Speaking - Averie Sims

Extemporaneous Speaking - Joey McIver

Sr. Chapter Conducting - Aly Ghormley, Blake Georg, Garrett Underwood, Brinna Sims, Asa Surface and Austin Longoria

Jr. Chapter Conducting - Emma Hurst, Taylor Barrett, Kallie Tilton, Kacy Dutton, Kasey Long, Carlie Stubblefield, Chase McBee, Brooke Huff and Kourtney Fleck

Sr. Skills Team - Maddie Kelso, Garrett Long, Lyndie Dunn and Madi Caperton

Jr. Creed Speaking - Kacy Dutton

Sr. Creed Speaking - Whitney Anderson

Radio Broadcasting - Carson Fraley, Cody Cole and Emily Sanford

Job Interview - Helena Dean

Sr. Quiz - Garrett Underwood, Kacelyn Jarrell, Morgan Manning and Guillermo Rosas

Ag Issues Forum - Joey McIver, Whitney Anderson, Madi Caperton, Helena Dean, Brinna Sims and Aly Ghormley

Public Relations - Garrett Long, Averie Sims, Colby Sheppard and Morgan Manning

Jr. Skills Team - Sidnie Smith, Monica Moreno, Madison Hutto, Jenna McElroy and Grace Williamson

Jr. Quiz - Courtnee Wallace, Bailey Butts, Chase McBee and Lilly Goodwin

Ag Advocacy - Averie Sims, Madison Counsil, Joey McIver and Mia Caperton

Quiz Bowl - Austin Longoria, Garrett Underwood, Brinna Sims and Ethan Williams

Land - Taylor Barrett, Kasey Long, Cesar Rosas and Luke Nelson

Livestock - Emily Alvarado, Emma Hurst, Donquita Johnson, Joey McIver, Brynna Wright and Madison Counsil

Forages - Ashlyn Johnson, Kacelyn Jarrell, Ethan Williams, Morgan Manning and Robert Kody Moore

Ag Sales - Brinna Sims, Averie Sims, Colby Sheppard and Joey McIver

Tractor Technician - Garrett Long, Rusty Theiss, Dawson Staley and Randell Mosley

Milk Quality and Products - Lilly Goodwin, Riley Pittcock, Courtnee Wallace, Carlie Stubblefield and Stacy Fowler

Range - Whitney Anderson, Ashlyn Johnson, Emily Alvarado and Guillermo Rosas

Welding - Garrett Long, Jacob Murders, Emily Sanford and Gabe Coleman

Floriculture - Cindy Rodriguez, Sindy Jimenez, Mariana Cisneros and Yadira Fernandez

Dairy Cattle Evaluation - Joey McIver, Ashlyn Johnson, Bradley Longoria and Cody Cole

Horse Judging - Lyndie Dunn, Chase McBee, Aly Ghormley and Grace Jackson

Poultry - Cody Cole, Maddie Kelso, Gabe Coleman and Evie Rickard

Homesite Evaluation - Madi Caperton, Austin Longoria, Blake Georg and Garrett Underwood

Entomology - Morgan Manning, Mia Caperton, Sofia Garza, Cheo Reyes, Cheyenne Snook and Ashton Greene

Wildlife - Austin Longoria, Ashlyn Johnson, Colby Sheppard and Robert Kody Moore

Vet Science - Kasey Long, Kallie Tilton, Taylor Barrett, Kendall Kilcrease and Courtnee Wallace

Truck Bed - Garrett Long and Rusty Theiss

Front Bumper - Kody Moore and Whitney Anderson

Fish Fryer - Tyler Garcia

Utility Trailer - Kevin James, Alex Alvarado and Austin Reynolds

Entry Gate - Kendall Kilcrease

Entry Gate - Scott Lyles

Entry Gate - Ricardo Lopez and Juan Palanco

Hay Spear - Emily Sanford and Wyatt Zehnder

Welding Trailer - Randell Mosley

Headache Rack - Taylor Barrett

Tubing Roller - Gabe Coleman and Edwardo Camerena

Gooseneck Stock Trailer - McKiever Easterling, Jake Murders, Dawson Staley, Tyler Ketchum and Matthew Hager

Mineral Feeder - Tyler Garcia

Hydraulic Press - Austin Longoria and Bradley Longoria

Coffee Table - Mason Green