Fine showing


The entries were down, but the sale dollars were up, and for all involved, the 2018 Madison County Fair goes into the books as a success.

Fair Board President Karl Radde said that the fair overall was well-received.

“We got a lot of compliments that things ran smoothly,” he said. “While entries were down, the sales were just under the half-million-dollar mark.”

Radde offered praise to the folks behind and in front of the scenes.

“We had a good set of judges, and very few if any complaints from the shows,” he said. “A big thanks to all the volunteers and board members for all the work and time they put in, and a special shout out to Lynita Foster and Laney Smith for all their hard work in the organization and behind-the-scenes bookkeeping and paperwork that goes on.”

Extension Agent Chadd Caperton said that as far as total entries being down, he was not sure of the reason.

“Maybe feed cost and all of the other activities kids do these days; those livestock projects can take quite a bit of time,” he said.

For the sales, Caperton said that while the fair doesn’t have the official totals yet because of the add-ons, the initial figures are above last year.

“The Family and Consumer Sciences auction raised $40,375 this year, over last year’s $37,407; the Premium Sale brought in $391,376 this year, compared to $361,302 last year; and the Freezer Sale was $65,740 this year, compared to $74,843 in 2017,” he said. “That’s the only one that was down.”

Together, the total was $497,491; when add-ons are factored in, Caperton said he is anticipating sales to be well above the $500,000 mark, compared to $483,000 for last year.

“The buyers were there, the support from the community was there,” he said. “We had new volunteers in the back getting kids lined up, so it flowed better, and overall, it was a really good show.”

Radde said they will continue to process add-ons, and will accept them for about another week.

Caperton said that just more than $9,190 was put into the Scholarship Fund, and $2,394 for the Heath Scholarship. This year, he said, a new category in the sale was added, and people were able to assign bids to an arena fund for improvements, and $1,978.77 was raised.