Fun Fridays under way


Friday morning marked the return of Fun Fridays for local kids in the Madisonville community at the 4-H Extension Office on School Street and will take place every week up until August 10 with the exception of July 20, when the program will not take place.

The program was started by Restoration Community Gardens in Madisonville with the goal of teaching children agricultural skills as well as life skills.

“We brought the community together for the education of the children but also so they have something to do during the summer,” said Madison County Extension Program Leslie Lazenby. “We want them to experience new things and learn by doing. There is not always a lot to do around here for the kids in the summer, so it is important for them to have something to look forward to.”

The program will host a number of new events throughout the summer season. This week’s session will include an appearance from the Oak Creek Zoo in Madisonville. They will bring along some of their unique animals and give the kids a chance to observe and learn about them in a controlled environment.

Some of the other events will include an etiquette class for kids, an energy safety lesson and they will learn how to handle a horse. There will also be repeats of some of the children’s favorite events last year, including the return of the National Guard, who gave out shirts and showed the kids how to prepare MREs.

On the program’s last day of the summer (August 10), the kids will leave the normal base of the Extension Office and travel to Lake Madison for the final Fun Friday of 2018. They will be able to play in the Splashpad or fish in the Lake.

There are typically three or four events during each Fun Friday and the kids are broken into groups. They will attend each station with their group one at a time until everyone has been to each. The events, which are far from limited to the ones listed above, all contain elements of fun as well as an educational purpose.

The program is partnered with several local churches in the community as well as Brazos Valley Food Bank, who will help out by providing things like volunteers or food for the kids.

For information on specific events and dates, contact the Madison County Texas A&M Agrilife Extension Office.