Holiday and Roundtree sign


Madisonville basketball stars Tommy Holiday and Tylis’ea Roundtree each signed their letters of intent on Friday to continue their careers as student athletes at Cedar Valley College.

Holiday and Roundtree were joined by their coaches, Chris Reid and Shana Taylor, as well as multiple family members, friends, teachers and administrators in the MCISD board room.

“It’s exciting to see so many people here, especially the same people I’ve been playing sports with my entire life,” said Holiday. “It’s something I’ve worked hard for a long time and playing at the next level was always a goal.

(Coach Reid) came in as a new coach and saw a lot of potential in me. He really changed my basketball career. He got me in shape and I’m really thankful for him for helping me out as much as he did.”

Roundtree will also continue her career at Cedar Valley College.

“It makes me feel good that so many people care enough to come and see me sign,” said Roundtree on the experience. “I set this goal for myself sophomore year while I had some health problems. I told myself that one day I’d be here. It feels awesome that I stuck to my goals and accomplished what I said I would.

(Coach Taylor) was my everything throughout this journey. She pushed me to be better and kept telling me it’s all in between the ears and that selflessness is more important than all else. I just want to thank her for all she did for me.”