Host Mustangs rule the track

Posted 3/12/19

The Madisonville varsity and junior varsity women’s track teams earned first place at the Madisonville Invitational at MHS on Thursday before the eighth grade boys Mustangs placed first the following day.

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Host Mustangs rule the track


The Madisonville varsity and junior varsity women’s track teams earned first place at the Madisonville Invitational at MHS on Thursday before the eighth grade boys Mustangs placed first the following day.

“I am really proud of the way everyone competed,” said varsity Coach Russell Urbantke. “I was very happy with the times we ran and our girls were able to win their second straight meet. The boys are getting there, we have ben battling a couple of injuries, but I think we will be right there once we get back to full force.”

The varsity and junior varsity squads competed on Thursday while the junior high events took place on Friday. The event was attended by Palestine, Franklin, Centerville, Navasota, Alpha Omega Academy, Crockett and Anderson-Shiro at the high school level. All events were completed within the required time limit and weather did not play a factor on either day.

“The meet ran well,” said Urbantke, who worked tirelessly along with other MCISD personnel to organize the event. “It is a credit to our coaches and all of our helpers. For us to have finished by 9:15 with eight teams is really good.”

The men’s varsity squad finished the day with 103.5 points and a third place finish behind Crockett (192) and Franklin (111). The JV men’s team was sixth behind Franklin (146), Crockett (123), Palestine (109), Centerville (98) and Alpha Omega (49).

The eighth grade boys won the meet with an overall score of 191.3, just under 70 points in front of second place Crockett. The eighth grad girls scored 185.5 points and finished second behind Palestine (202). The seventh grade boys placed third with 116 points behind Palestine (167) and Centerville (160). The seventh grade girls compiled a score of 113 behind top finishers Palestine (237) and Franklin (139).

Madisonville varsity women’s results:

100 M Dash: Mitzi Holiday (Second, 12.63), Monique Berry (Third, 12.94); 200 M Dash: Kenndie Moffett (Second, 27.03), Raegan Olvera (Third, 27.13); 400 M Dash: Daiona Johnson (Fifth, 1:06.84); 800 M Dash: Madi Caperton (Fourth, 2:35.39); 1600 M Run: Madi Caperton (Second, 5:49.40); 3200 M Run: Grace Williamson (Second, 13:29.00); 100 M Hurdles: Chloe Olvera (First, 17:20); 300 M Hurdles: Chloe Olvera (Third, 52.77), Kaylie Smith (Fourth, 53.45)

4x100 M Relay: Mitzi Holiday, Kenndie Moffett, Monique Berry, Garlanesha Gilbert (First, 48.71); 4x200 M Relay: Monique Berry, Kenndie Moffett, Raegan Olvera, Garlanesha Gilbert (First, 1:45.15); 4x400 M Relay: Chloe Olvera, Raegan Olvera, Khyra Cooper, Garlanesha Gilbert (Third, 4:33.0)

Long Jump: Kenndie Moffett (Third, 15’-3”), Daiona Johnson (Fourth, 14’-11”); Triple Jump: Kenndie Moffett (First, 35’-5 1/2”), Khyra Cooper (32’-11”); High Jump: Khyra Cooper (First, 4’-10”), Daiona Johnson (Second, 4’-8”); Pole Vault: Sidnie Smith (First, 8’-0”)

Madisonville varsity men’s results:

100 M Dash: Roderick Holiday (Second, 11.30), Uriel Willis (Sixth, 11.50); 200 M Dash: Donovan Young (Second, 22.82), Ronnie Mosley (Fifth, 24.13); 400 M Dash: Marcus Dorman (Second, 53.08), Garrett Johnson (Third, 53.58), Desmond Walls (Fourth, 54.69); 110 M Hurdles: Michael de Boisblanc (Third, 17.97), Reyshawn Moore (Fifth, 19.09); 300 M Hurdles: Reyshawn Moore (Fifth, 45.70)

4x100 M Relay: Uriel Willis, Aaron Nellums, Ronnie Mosley, Roderick Holiday (Third, 43.82); 4x200 M Relay: Ronnie Mosley, Aaron Nellums, Matthew Johnson, Donovan Young (Third, 1:33.21); 4x400 M Relay: Marcus Dorman, Garrett Johnson, Desmond Walls, Donovan Young (Second, 3:32.13)

Long Jump: Uriel Willis (Third, 19’-8”), Tyrese Brown (Sixth, 18’-11”); Triple Jump: Tyrese Brown (Third, 39’-1 1/2”), Reyshawn Moore (Fourth, 39’-0”)

Madisonville JV women’s results: 100 M Dash: Farrah Moffett (First, 12.82), Martasia Chambers (Second, 12.95); 200 M Dash: Roy’kia Moffett (First, 27.37), Brianna Herron (Fourth, 30.38); 400 M Dash: Tyasia Whaley (First, 1:07.81), Amaya Scott (Third, 1:09.10), Pavia Craig (Fourth, 1:10.40); 100 M Hurdles: Jada Matthews (Third, 19.41), Crystal Villalta (Fourth, 20.01); 300 M Hurdles: Crystal Villalta (First, 57.90)

4x100 M Relay: Farrah Moffett, Roy’kia Moffett, Brianna Herron, Martasia Chambers (First, 51.02); 4x200 M Relay: Martasia Chambers, Farrah Moffett, Roy’kia Moffett, Martia Tyler (First, 1:48.97); 4x400 M Relay: Pavia Craig, Martia Tyler, Tyasia Whaley, Crystal Villalta (First, 4:57.00)

Long Jump: Martasia Chambers (First, 15’-2 1/4”); Triple Jump: Crystal Villalta (Second, 30’-4 1/2”), Brianna Herron (Sixth, 25’-11 1/2”); High Jump: Amaya Scott (Third, 4’-4”)

Madisonville JV men’s results:

100 M Dash: Karl Wanza (Sixth, 12.19); 400 M Dash: Armando Juarez (Fourth, 58.36); 1600 M Run: Bradley Longoria (Sixth, 6:06.75)

4x200 M Relay: L.J. Childress, Andres Lopez, Doug’kym Johnson, Wayne Roundtree (Fourth, 1:40.52); 4x400 M Relay: Josh Griffin, L.J. Childress, Armando Juarez, Elijah Nauls (Fourth, 4:16.33); Discus: Konner Atkins (Second, 103’-8 1/2”); Triple Jump: Wayne Roundtree (First, 36’-7”), Andres Lopez (Fourth, 35’-5 1/2”)

Madisonville seventh grade boys results:

200 M Dash: JoJo Lain (Third, 26.77); 400 M Dash: Caiden Miller (Sixth, 1:09.63); 800 M Run: Eric Martinez (Second, 2:33.46), Collin Caperton (Third, 2:35.57); 1600 M Run: Jacob Blakley (Second, 5:58.07), Collin Caperton (Third, 6:03.21), Eric Martinez (Fifth, 6:06.45); 2400 M Run: Jacob Blakley (Second, 9:15.40), Evan Basinger (Fourth, 9:30.95); 110 M Hurdles: Jacob Yeager (Third, 21.35); 300 M Hurdles: Jacob Yeager (Fifth, 55.08)

4x100 M Relay: Aiden Juarez, Laderian McGowan, Jeramiah Burns, Cameron Thrower (Third, 50.44); 4x200 M Relay: Jeramiah Burns, Aiden Juarez, Cameron Thrower, JoJo Lain (Second, 1:47.78); 4x400 M Relay: Jeramiah Burns, JoJo Lain, Caiden Miller, Laderian McGowan (Fifth, 4:52.10)

Long Jump: Laderian McGowan (Fourth, 15’-2”); Shot Put: Cameron Thrower (Third, 33’-2”); Discus: Cameron Thrower (First, 112’-1 1/4”); Triple Jump: Eric Martinez (Sixth, 28’-9”); High Jump: Jeramiah Burns (Third: 5’-0”)

Madisonville seventh grade girls results:

100 M Dash: La’Nya Childress (Fourth, 13.97); 200 M Dash: Stephanie Diaz (Sixth, 31.97); 400 M Dash: Paysli Mills (Fourth, 1:10.90); 800 M Run: Grace Coleman (First, 2:42.63); 1600 M Run: Grace Coleman (Second, 6:26.46), Ariatna Lopez (Fourth, 6:51.58); 2400 M Run: Lindsie Smith (Second, 9:40.53), 100 M Hurdles: Jadyn Hooten (Fourth, 21.25); 300 M Hurdles: McKenna Fraley (Sixth, 1:04.01)

4x100 M Relay: Jadyn Hooten, Olyvia Brooks, La’Nya Childress, Ke’Myreul Wheaton (Second, 54.70); 4x200 M Relay: Jadyn Hooten, La’Nya Childress, Stephanie Diaz, Ke’Myreul Wheaton (First, 1:58.72); 4x400 M Relay: Paysli Mills, Shelby Bird, Emily Wolff, Darby Burke (Fifth, 5:12.81); Long Jump: Darby Burke (Third, 12’-10 1/4”), Shelby Bird (Fifth, 12’-9 1/2”); Shot Put: Paysli Mills (Sixth, 24’-6 1/2”); Discus: Abby Poe (First, 62’-7”), Sandra Hinojosa (Fourth, 52’-5”); Triple Jump: Olyvia Brooks (Fourth, 26’-3 1/2”), Darby Burke (Fifth, 26’-2 1/2”)

Madisonville eighth grade boys results:

100 M Dash: Jemarcus Holland (Third, 12.32), Blessing Ngene (Fourth, 12.51); 200 M Dash: Carlos Alvarado (Fourth, 27.38), Keynen Wheaton (Sixth, 27.90); 400 M Dash: Rayce Hudson (First, 55.53), Daniel Bodenhamer (Second, 59.40); 800 M Run: Coy Alvarado (Second, 2:34.96); 1600 M Run: Alex Torres (First, 5:37.89), Eric Lopez (Second, 5:41.82), Samuel Cole (Fifth, 6:15.52); 2400 M Run: Alex Torres (Second, 9:09.47), Eric Lopez (Third, 9:25.95); 300 M Hurdles: Britton Nash (Fifth, 52.38);

4x100 M Relay: Jemarcus Holland, Casey Holiday, Blessing Ngene, Jermal Holland (First, 47:07.00); 4x200 M Relay: Jemarcus Holland, Casey Holiday, Matthew de Boisblanc, Jermal Holland (First, 1:39.94); 4x400 M Relay: Matthew de Boisblanc, Daniel Bodenhamer, Casey Holiday, Rayce Hudson (First, 3:56.90);

Long Jump: Jermarcus Holland (First, 16’-1 1/2”), Jermal Holland (Fourth, 15’-8”), Blessing Ngene (Sixth, 15’-0 1/2”); Shot Put: David Guevara (Second, 37’-2 1/2”), Britton Nash (Fourth, 33’-1 1/2”); Discus: Cutter Smith (Second, 98’-9 1/2”), Cole Wilkerson (Sixth, 78’-8”); Triple Jump: Jermarcus Holland (Third, 33’-9”), Jermal Holland (Fifth, 32’-3 1/2”); Pole Vault: Matthew de Boisblanc (First, 8’-0”), Rayce Hudson (Sixth, 6’-6”)

Madisonville eighth grade girls results:

200 M Dash: Alexa Perrin (Fourth, 30.00), Chantell Davis (Fifth, 30.09), Brynlee Urbantke (Sixth, 30.51); 400 M Dash: Grayson Bennett (Third, 1:09.27), Audree Phillips (Fifth, 1:13.41); 1600 M Run: Zoee Newton (First, 5:51.75); 2400 M Run: Zoee Newton (Second, 9:10.37); 100 M Hurdles: Yesenia Aceves (Second, 19.03), Allyson Lechinger (Sixth, 20.28); 300 M Hurdles: Yesenia Aceves (Second, 53.71), Jaylen Downard (Third, 54.65), Landri Lee (Fourth, 54.88)

4x100 M Relay: Jer’Kayla Dickey, Chantell Davis, Justine Beck-Brown, Kristen Tolliver (First, 53.18); 4x200 M Relay: Jer’Kayla Dickey, Chantell Davis, Justine Beck-Brown, Kristen Tolliver (First, 1:53.71); 4x400 M Relay: Landri Lee, Jaylen Downard, Brynlee Urbantke, Grayson Bennett (Second, 4:45.02); Long Jump: Yesenia Aceves (First, 13’-10”), Jer’Kayla Dickey (Fourth, 13’-2”), Chantell Davis (Fifth, 13’-1”); Shot Put: Bre’Anna Holiday (Third, 26’-1 1/2”), Haven Boullion (Fifth, 25’-10 1/2”), Nyla Harrison (Sixth, 25’-7 1/4”); Discus: Gabrielle Bracewell (First, 85’-10”), Audree Phillips (Third, 50’-10”); Triple Jump: Jer’Kayla Dickey (First, 29’-11”), Chantell Davis (Third, 29’-7”); High Jump: Landri Lee (Sixth, 4’-2”); Pole Vault: Grayson Bennett (Second, 7’-6”), Jaylen Downard (Fourth, 6’-0”), Brynlee Urbantke (Sixth, 6’-0”)