In praise of Madisonville citizens


I would like to comment about the people of Madisonville and the surrounding communities. My name is Burke Landry. My wife is Lena Lou. We have resided at 207 N. Madison for 20-plus years. My wife and I are both 90-plus years old.

You might surmise that we have lived in several communities in our more than 70 years of married life. We wish to say that the “good old country folks” of this general community are the most caring and loving and generous people we have ever known.

We have had tragedies in the past, and we are in one at this time with our great-grandson Mark McBride, hospitalized in Houston. We lost a grandson in 2005 and the same could be said for that tragedy, also.

We are so proud to be a part of this community. We plan to spend the rest of our time here, God willing. On behalf of the McBride, Collard and Landry families, we wish to thank all these fine folks for their loving care and to wish each and every citizen in the area God Speed. We will return the love and caring when situations arise.

Burke Landry