Kudos for the County Fair


I would like to take this opportunity to say how proud I am to live in a town that has a county fair like the Madison County Fair!

I've had children and now grandchildren in the fair here and think the wonderful people who organize and volunteer to make this fantastic event happen in our community should be very proud. I've watched this fair association grow and improve for our children and their children.

With big growth on the horizon I ask the people of our community to pitch in where they can and help when they can.

I would also like to thank our own Granny Group and all the individual groups for all their donations to help buy these children's projects. These are people who gave small amounts that made a big difference in these children's lives. I also had two ladies that didn't make the list this year but gave freely - Jodi Gantz and Lisa Heath.

Thanks to all the Madison County folks (and especially the out of town buyers) that made the fair a huge success this year!!! I left joyful knowing all our kiddos went home with big smiles and happy hearts!

Sincerely Proud,

Debbie LaSalle