Langley lands in Madisonville


Centerville native Dr. Judd Langley is back in the area he calls home and ready to apply the knowledge he has learned in a diverse dental career to his new patients in Madisonville.

“The people in this town are fantastic,” said Langley. “They have treated us with so much kindness and respect from the start. People who we’ve never seen before stop in just to say hi.”

Langley returns to the area after practicing in Palestine and working on bigger projects related to his specialty in prosthodontics in the Dallas area. The office on Madison Street was the perfect fit for his practice since it already had all the necessary plumbing specific to dentistry. The location was sold to Dr. Robert Tieperman from Dr. Don Plunkett, who is also a dentist. Tieperman sold it to Langley when he was also in need of a new location for his chiropractic practice.

Langley will continue to work prosthodontics cases in Dallas on a more limited basis.

“I wanted to do my specialty full time, but I was spending a lot of my life in Dallas,” said Langley. “My kids and my parents live in the area, so I just needed to be here. I couldn't manage missing anymore ball games and they are the main reason I am back.”

Langley’s children are Landry, 14, Nathan, 12, and Ross, 10. His father Joe worked as a principal and a coach while his mother Sue was a teacher. Originally, he planned to follow in their footsteps and even taught two years of high school after he graduated from Texas A&M. When he realized this was not for him, he had to find a new calling.

“I knocked my two front teeth out when I was two years old and I grew up with a bad underbite, so I’ve basically been in a dental office my entire life,” said Langley. “I had some great dentists who worked on me and I have never had a bad appointment. That is what made me want to do it originally.”

Something else that stuck with Langley from a young age was the honor of serving one’s country as his grandparents had. When he enrolled in the Baylor College of Dentistry in 1999, he would have an opportunity to do just that. He became a Second Lieutenant in the reserves during dental school and entered active duty in 2003. For the next three years, he participated in a prosthodontics residency at the University of Texas Health Science Center in San Antonio and the Wilford Hall Medical Center at Lackland Air Force Base. Here, he got an opportunity to work on major cases, including patients with war injuries.

“Prosthodontists usually don’t deploy,” said Langley. “It definitely feels good to think that I helped in any sort of way at all.”

The main responsibilities for his new practice is general dentistry, but Langley is excited to continue his bigger projects when he can. He is also excited with the reception he has received in town, not only from his patients, but other professionals in the area as well.

“All of the doctors I’ve met here are great people and extremely supportive,” said Langley. “This is a big area, so I felt like there would be a need here, but I’m shocked at how fast we’ve booked out. I hope I can save people from a longer drive and that they enjoy it here.”

Langley is joined by his office manager Marlo Corbitt and her daughter Jordan, who runs the front desk. John Corbitt of C&C Construction worked on the building. Langley’s brother Russell, an attorney in Dallas, was also credited for his support.

“I couldn't ask for a better group to do this with,” said Langley. “When this building became available it was sort of like God was opening a door. The way everything came together was incredible and easy to manage. It was busy, but these people made it easy.”

Langley Dental, PLLC is located at 604 South Madison Street and open from 8 a.m. until 5 p.m. from Tuesday through Friday.