Letter to the Editor


I am relatively sure that before Buc-ee’s was given a permit to build their location in Madisonville, that the Texas highway department had a look at the plans as they related to traffic flow into and out of the parking lot onto highway 21 and the I-45 access road. Why then do local authorities feel it necessary to block entrances to this legal business with barricades? Any traffic problems should be dealt with based on traffic laws, not the shutting down of LEGAL entrances or exits.

Is there a lot of traffic coming out of Buc-ee’s? Yes. But they are a LEGAL business and a big part of Madisonville’s tax base. Why does law enforcement think the way to handle heavy traffic or accidents caused by bad drivers is to shut down access and egress to a LEGAL business? This is backwards thinking (or perhaps the lack of thinking) on the part of local officials. Work instead with the state to build a bridge large enough to handle the traffic on 21. Deal with accidents and illegal turns on a case by case basis, with law enforcement, not by barricading LEGAL entrances to the thousands of other customers who obey the traffic laws that are trying to shop at Buc-ee’s.

Whomever is blocking these entrances is lucky that Buc-ee’s has not sued for ILLEGAL restriction of commerce. Buc-ee’s is the best thing that has happened to Madisonville in decades, and yet local law enforcement treats them as an adversary.

Kenan Lott, Conroe (former Madisonville citizen)