Letter to the Editor Jan. 10, 2018


Dear editor:

I am writing this letter to publicly thank the staff at CHI Madisonville St. Joseph Health Center Emergency Room.

Recently, while putting metal siding on a shelter for our donkeys, the abrasive metal cut-off wheel shattered causing a large gash in the back of my hand. My neighbor, T.F. Stern, rushed me to the emergency room while his wife Lucy called ahead to let them know I was coming.

I was in a fair amount of pain, as you probably guessed; when I arrived at the emergency room but the staff at Madisonville St. Joseph Health Center immediately put me at ease and after what seemed like only 10 seconds of getting essential information they promptly placed me in an emergency care room.

The excellent nurses were calming, kind, gentle, efficient, friendly and professional. Everyone who I met was perfectly helpful and amazingly well-organized and competent, from the Emergency Room receptionist, to the X-ray technician, but I want to make particular mention of Christina, Cindy, and Dr. McCloud. They were simply outstanding. If I could have dreamed of what an ideal emergency room visit would be like they have exceeded my ideal dream in every way.

I feel so grateful for their service to myself and our community, and it gives me great comfort to know that we have such wonderful people serving our community at Madisonville St. Joseph Health Center Emergency Room. From the bottom of my heart, thank you.

Ryan Scott Welch