Letters to the Editor Dec. 13, 2017


To the Editor:

The beauty of “Letters to the Editor” is that anyone can write one. The writer doesn’t need any expertise in the subject matter and can’t be held accountable for any inaccuracies. The beast of “Letters to the Editor” is that some readers will believe them to be factual and true.

County officials welcome citizens to take time and visit with them. Learn more about your county government and how decisions are made. All officials’ offices are in the County Courthouse or Annex and the phone number is (936) 241-6200.

Toni L. Joyner

Madison County Auditor

• • •

Dear Editor:

Acknowledgements to Dr. Don Plunkett for the trophy buck picture in last week’s Meteor, and thank you, Lord Jesus.

To you, all the praise, honor and glory.

Harold Reed