Letters to the Editor Feb. 13, 2019


To the Editor:

One day last week, I was listening as my husband watched one of his favorite Western movies on our television. An ordinary Western, good vs. evil. As I listened, I realized that both sides had a common goal; but because they became a mob, and because they were listening to faked information, a lot death and destruction followed.

As I watched the State of the Union address by President Trump last week, I could not help but think of this movie. Our representatives and senators, who are supposed to have the common goal of protecting this great country and doing what is best for all of us, were definitely divided. The ladies in white, there to make a statement for themselves, could not even think on their own, but had to take direction from Nancy Pelosi in order to stand in agreement or to stay seated in opposition.

We all know that there is plenty of misinformation and fake news out there. Please stand up, research what is really happening and make your decisions on your own. Please don't let someone else tell you who to support or how to vote. If we really listen, maybe we can get back to a common goal. If we don't, we will destroy each other.

Sandra Wooten