Letters to the Editor Jan. 9, 2019


Dear Editor:

I’m a year late in writing this, but once again, our Madison County Courthouse must take the prize for the absolute worst-decorated courthouse in Texas.

I don’t know who is in charge of the lights, etc., on and around the courthouse, but surely, a courthouse on a main thoroughfare to I-45 should be something special. Granted, the official center of Madison County isn’t the greatest, but better Christmas lighting and decorations would certainly be an improvement. Think of the number of travelers going through our town during Christmas and looking at such a humdrum courthouse.

Several weeks ago, not all of the lights were on, and the hideous blue LED lights must go. How sad we lost the beautiful courthouse of years ago, but let’s go forward and make some improvements. It would be so great for Madisonville to have a truly great Christmas display next year.

Nancy Lasiter