Letters to the Editor June 6, 2018


Letter to the Editor:

I am profoundly saddened by the election of Tony Leago because, according to his campaign statements, he represents exactly the big city and big government ideas I moved to Madison County to escape.

I moved here because I wanted to live in a rural area where I could purchase my little parcel of this earth and do whatever I please with it.

I moved here to escape land use plans, zoning, run away development, industrialization, and all those other buzzword terms that amount to politicians who simply think they are better than us and should control the way we live and what we can do with our land.

In short, I came here seeking that quaint old American ideal called freedom, and now Mr. Leago's agenda is to begin finding ways to take it from me.

Warren D. Hoover


Letter to the Editor:

I would like to personally thank Boy Scout troop 191 of Madisonville for placing American flags on the graves of those veterans who are buried at the Oxford Cemetery on Highway 21 West for Memorial Day. You have blessed many who visit the cemetery as well as honoring those who have served and died for this great nation. God Bless You.

Jane Pryor

Secretary/Treasurer, Oxford Cemetery Association

Dear Editor:

(May 25) was Memorial Day when we solemnly remembered those who lost their lives to preserve our freedoms. On May 29, 206 people in Madison County let some of that freedom slip away.

A civil jury trial began that day in the 278th District Court with Judge Hal R. Ridley presiding. Only 44 potential jurors of the 250 summoned showed up. Now I know that most of us (me included) groan when that summons shows up in our mailboxes. But don't we also complain about “the system” not being fair? Don't we gripe that justice is too harsh or too lenient? Don't we complain that civil penalties are too generous or too paltry?

Can you or I directly influence the President, the Governor, or even our elected national or state representatives? (If you can, let me know, I have few messages I want you to pass on.) The reality is that we cannot, so the executive and legislative branches of government are often beyond our direct influence (outside of the ballot box).

However, the judicial branch is not beyond our influence. We are called to serve and participate. Why do we look at it as such an awful burden? When a jury summons comes to your mailbox, it is your chance to directly participate in the governance of your county, state or country.

Last week, we honored the men and women who died to preserve our freedoms and rights.

Today, maybe we should think about the responsibilities we must shoulder to preserve their legacy, and our country.

Mary Helen Morrow, MD


Dear Editor:

The officers and members of the Austin Reed American Legion Post 84 and families of Madisonville would like to take this opportunity to express their heartfelt appreciation and gratitude to the citizens of Madison County for their generous support of the National and local annual Poppy Program.

All of your contributions and donations are used solely to assist disabled and hospitalized veterans and their families. Your participation reflects your commendable patriotism and support of America's men and women of our Nation's armed forces.

Madison County: "Job Well Done."

Saree Garrett