Letters to the Editor March 14, 2018


Dear Editor:

I am a landowner that will be directly affected if the Federal Rail Administration declares Texas Central's high-speed railway as a railroad.

According to a documentary on bullet trains on the Science Channel, each train weighs 700 tons, and there will be two trains working. Each train will hold 1,300 passengers. It takes 25,000 volts of electricity to operate each train, which is enough power to provide light, heating and air to 40,000 homes. The trains travel at 180 mph, taking 2 ½ hours to travel the 300-mile route. The electric power for the train actually is transferred through the roof, not the tracks, and the lines transferring the electricity need to be replaced every three years because of excessive wear. There is a high-pitched noise associated with the engine, which has not yet been solved.

The Texas power grid cannot supply enough electrical power for the train and all other uses.

Charles Coleman

North Zulch

Dear Editor:

When I pass the schools in Madisonville, I clearly notice much thought and care were given to the appearance of the building exteriors. The school grounds are well-kept to the point of pride and can be enjoyed by all.

However, to get to the schools, I have to brace myself as I dodge the potholes everywhere. Raney Lane's passability is disgraceful and dangerous. The patches of the patches have been patched, and the holes still are everywhere.

Can you visualize the number of people outside our city who visit the schools for contests, sporting events and looking at our schools to possibly attend in the future? It's embarrassing to know the route they must take to reach our schools. Our parents and young drivers must do the same.

Surely, I'm not the only person who thinks Raney lane should be among the best maintained roads in our community. The city and county must work to remedy this unsafe and unnecessary situation. Our kids deserve nothing less than the best.

Carolyn Stewart