Letters to the Editor May 2, 2018


Dear Editor:

I live on the corner of FM 1452 and Highway 21. During the last month, three dogs have shown up here.

The first dog appeared around March 31 — a tiny Chihuahua running around on our property. I know a dog that small did not get here by itself.

The second dog showed up about two weeks ago. I saw a pickup truck on the corner, and a man was standing with a dog. The man returned to the pickup and left the dog. The dog tried to follow that pickup and all other pickups that turned onto 1452. A lady stopped and picked up the dog, and came over to see if it was mine. It was a puppy. She said she would take it to her vet to see if they could find it a home.

The third dog appeared April 25. Another man in a flatbed pickup stopped in front of the oil well nearby and put out another dog. This dog also tried to follow, and later tried to follow any pickup.

I have contacted authorities and other agencies, but it still happens.

Carol Wickersham

Madison County