Letters to the Editor May 9, 2018


Dear Editor:

As cofounder and an active participant in Rufus Refuge, a local animal rescue that has rescued 941 cats and dogs in the last two and a half years, I want to address the issue of neglect, abuse, abandonment and backyard breeding.

People do not realize that this problem is widespread throughout our county. Rufus Refuge gets on average four requests per day to help with abandoned animals. That is a large number for a county of our size, which means that we have an overabundance of cruelty, neglect, irresponsibility and breeding. After saving almost 1,000 cats and dogs in the past two years, one might think the problem would be dissipating. But it is not. Rufus Refuge cannot rescue/adopt our way out of this problem.

For those of you who don’t live on rural roads, you might be oblivious to the fact that there are dogs and cats dumped daily on rural roads. Some of these are in the most horrid condition once we find them.

The city has stepped up and is doing a great job with rescue, but we have no help with the county. Stricter laws will only slow down the dumping of innocent animals. Spay and neutering is most assuredly the only solution.

We must all come together, animal lovers and not, and hold our elected officials accountable. I personally am tired of seeing the inhumanity of local citizens that I witness daily. Rufus Refuge cannot continue to take on all the animal problems in the county.

Dawn Knight