Letters to the Editor Sept. 5, 2018


To the editor:

Righteous indignation expressed by the media over claims of bias in, and manipulation of, the news falls on deaf ears here.

The following information was gleaned from George Stephanopoulos' book, “All Too Human.” His youthful arrogance had not yet been modulated by wisdom of political cunning.

•Page 57 — Regarding the Gennifer Flowers affair, CeCe Connally of the Associated Press asked Bill Clinton if the story was true. George wrote, “’You can't do that,’ I barked at CeCe. I went straight to a phone to call John King, the AP's chief political reporter in Washington” and said, “You can't put this (blank) on the wire”... “The AP held off.”

•Page 62 — George was pleased that two out of the three network news programs were slow to mention the allegations of affairs.

•Page 67 — George described how Don Hewitt and Steve Kroft of CBS's 60 Minutes program helped the Clintons during the Flowers controversy. Hewitt stopped the taping of the program twice to “coach” the couple. Hewitt even boasted that he had made JFK president, and that he could do the same thing for Bill.

•Page 96 — Ted Koppel, of ABC'S Nightline program, “used his anchorman's authority” to aid George in a debate with Phyllis Schlafly ... "All I had to do was fall in behind” and ridicule the Republicans.

•Page 164 — In a discussion of media coverage of JFK, Clinton said, “The press always covered for him.”

•Page 296 — George noted his “exhilarating” feeling when all three networks provided a “roadblock” for Bill after a prominent legislative defeat.

•Page 266 — “No network covered the performance live” when Paula Jones made her claims against Clinton.

Compare coverage of Paula Jones and Juanita Broaddrick to that of Stormy Daniels.

News: Fake, maybe not. Manipulated, yes.

Bill Hunter

Hilltop Lakes