Little League holds closing ceremonies


Madisonville Little League hosted closing ceremonies for the 2019 regular season on Tuesday at Lake Madison Park and honored each team for their hard work throughout the year.

The conclusion ceremonies came just two months after an uncertain period for the league where community members were unsure if there would be a season. But the league’s new board has worked tirelessly since they were voted in at the start of April in an effort to deliver for the community.

“Our board works very well together and I cannot think of a time where someone has not stepped up to do something,” said Heather Lowery, the board’s president. “We have tremendous support, not only within the board itself, but also from the city and community and we have been able to pull off the season with a bang.”

The current board is comprised of Lowery, Lance Hickman (Vice President), Stephanee Garrett (Secretary), Shannon McDonald (Treasurer), Brandon Pope (Concessions Director), Adam Walls (Player Agent), Lola Hardy (Public Relations), Mitch Puckett (Equipment Manager) and Scott Lowery (Umpire Director and Scoring Official).

“All of us are in it for the long haul,” said Lowery. “We have created our own little family and we are excited about the future and what we are doing. Unless someone tells us differently, we all want to stay.”

The board will continue to look ahead to the future and the signup period for the fall season, which will take place in September. But first, they will prepare to host postseason Little League baseball in Madisonville. They have been asked to host part of the 8 and under District softball tournament on June 24. The second day of the tournament will take place in College Station and they will return to Madisonville for a third day if necessary. Madisonville will feature two All-Star teams competing in the tournament and ask for the community’s support.

They have also been asked to be a host site for Sectionals during the second week of July.

The team standings in each division along with their sponsors are listed below:

Peewee T-Ball: 1. RED SOX (Sponsored by Archery Building North); 2. RANGERS (Sponsored by Twenty98 Photography); 3. CUBS (B&G W Homes)

Girls T-Ball: 1. RANGERS (Sponsored by Walmart #0446); 2. WHITE SOX (Sponsored by Mustang Car Wash); 3. ASTROS (Sponsored by Razor Wireless)

Boys T-Ball: 1. METS (Sponsored by Razor Wireless); 2. ANGELS (Sponsored by Hardy Oil); 3. RANGERS (Sponsored by Wrightlee Land Services); 4. RED SOX (Sponsored by Vick Lumber LLC)

Boys Coach Pitch: 1. ORIOLES (Sponsored by WoodmanLife #4647); 2. RANGERS (Sponsored by Burns Ranch); 3. BLUE JAYS (Sponsored by Vaughn Construction); 4. CARDINALS (Sponsored by LFI Postal); 5. RED SOX (Sponsored by Dunham Engineering, Inc,)

Girls Minors Softball: 1. MAGIC (Sponsored by Madisonville Veterinary Hospital); 2. RED SOX (Sponsored by Bulldog Wireline); 3. MUSTANGS (Sponsored by Moon & Beyond Creations)

Boys Minors Baseball: 1. MARINERS (Sponsored by Mule Barn); 2. RANGERS (Sponsored by Dixie Electric)

Boys Majors Baseball: 1. RED SOX (Sponsored by Motel 6); 2. CARDINALS (Sponsored by Team 3 Rentals)

Boys Juniors Baseball: 1. TIGERS (Sponsored by Madisonville Veterinary Hospital); 2. YANKEES (Sponsored by Madisonville McDonald’s)

Photos from Tuesday’s Madisonville Little League Closing Ceremonies will run in next week’s publication of the Madisonville Meteor.