Little League takes the title


The Madisonville Navy All-Star Little League baseball team won the Machine Pitch District 33 Championship game on Thursday night for the first time in five years with a 4-2 victory over College Station's Maroon team.

The District 33 postseason tournament was hosted in College Station, where Madisonville went undefeated to secure the title with whole hearted encouragement from the local community along the way.

“I cannot stress enough the overwhelming support we have received from the community,” said Madisonville Coach Brandon Cook. “Every night we had a packed house full of friends, family and loved ones to cheer on these little guys.”

Cook is officially listed as the team’s head coach, but insists the job was a joint effort shared between himself and Coaches Buddy Bustamante, Bo Williams, Billy Zanolini and Jose Nava.

“We considered ourselves equal coaches,” said Cook. “We all had something different to offer the kids in our own way.”

The players on the Madisonville Navy All-Star Championship team were Rayse Gafford, Kobi Nava, Ely Williams, Jacob Zanolini, Braxton Bustamante, Colt Cook, Ryder Davis, C.J. Whaley, Lane Hendricks, Trace Ferguson and Jaiden Crutchfield.

Before the tournament started, the team wanted everyone to know what they were all about and listed three things that would carry them throughout their run. First, they give all glory to God. Second, they were a family. Lastly, they would remain mentally tough throughout their journey no matter what adversity might come their way. The team was able to use their motivators to overcome numerous obstacles, including a very difficult College Station Maroon opponent, and accomplish their goal of becoming champions.

These three binding values were written on a white board and read by the players as they took the field for each and every inning throughout their championship run and posed with it in their final group photo.