Local church adds mural


Last week, Madisonville native and artist Sallie Reid completed a 14x40-foot mural at The Dwelling Place Church of a stairway to heaven.

“It’s all about releasing the glory in the region,” said Reid. “I feel that the greatest ability we have is the ability to give and receive the love of God. I want the people to have a touch of God so they can encounter his love and presence.”

The Dwelling Place Pastors Glenn and Debra Campbell have always felt a connection to the story of Jacob and the stairway to heaven and had the original vision to depict it for their entire congregation to see while worshiping. Reid’s mural also shows a set of wings amongst the clouds.

“A mural can often change the overall complexion of a room,” said Reid. “You can sort’ve enter into that depicted dimension. I really love to paint big. It’s bigger than just a picture and it can feel bigger than life.

Reid is responsible for multiple murals in different places of worship throughout the area including Church of Christ, House of Hope, First Baptist and Shiloh Baptist. She has painted for 35 years and just released her first book containing numerous religious paintings and the inspirations for them called “The Color of Joy.”