Losing a little of our outrage


It was 1974, and I was a boy of 11, living in another country while my father served our country in the U.S. Air Force.

Since there was little else to do in the summer months, with baseball season over with and school not yet started, I would wander the base, stopping in the movie theater, visiting my mom while she worked, and generally just trying to kill time.

At that age, my interest in music began to grow, particularly as the base had a disc jockey (yes, an actual real honest-to-God DJ) that was a friend of the family. So quite frequently, I’d visit the base store to look at records I knew my mom wouldn’t let me have.

To get to those records, I had to pass by the magazines and newspapers, and I have a very vivid, clear memory of the front of the Stars & Stripes, in a huge headline, read the words “Nixon Resigns.”

Many of you remember the Watergate scandal, and that the president, in order to keep the matter from tarnishing the office of the presidency, left the position after it was discovered he was complicit in a break-in of the headquarters of the Democratic National Committee.

Along with Nixon’s resignation, almost 70 people were under indictment, and just less that 50 were convicted. Many would say it was one of the greatest scandals of any sitting president.

So in following the Mueller investigation, and hearing some of the information that is coming out, such as FBI moles in the Trump campaign, and involvement of the government at every level in what’s being termed as Spygate.

So tarnishment of the office of the president is now no longer a concern, and any action taken by a sitting government against one of its own, during one of the only events that allows the common man to voice his concerns about his country, is justified, as long as we couch it in the reasoning that they were investigating Russian involvement in a campaign.

Funny thing, though, after more than a year of investigation, there hasn’t been any credible evidence of Russian collusion with the Trump campaign.

Even funnier: there’s no outcry. No demands for heads. Not one resignation, or indictment, or anything. Just endless investigation, grandstanding, chest thumping, accusations and, of course, tax dollars going down a bottomless pit.

It also points out what I consider the real problem here, and that is the government at all levels in every branch is only concerned with its own existence, and that running the country is a secondary concern.

•Our Headline of Note this week comes from Brietbart.com, and only because I think it’s ridiculous: Bill Nye: Taxing Cow Farts a ‘Fantastic Thing for the World.’

Yes, it’s long been believed that the methane produce by cows during the digestive process has contributed to the so-called greenhouse gases, which scientists have decided is causing global warming, or something like that.

Hey, anything with a digestive system will occasionally cropdust. I always thought that plants converted those noxious gases to oxygen, but hey, a mechanical engineer posing as a scientist can’t be wrong, can he?

Tony Farkas is publisher of the Madisonville Meteor.