Madden rankings off base


With the Madden rankings come typical preseason bragging rights for players and fans alike and something to discuss prior to kickoff, which is just over 50 days away.

Like every year, there are a number of discrepancies in both the player and team rankings. Usually, the ratings are within the realm of reality and it is easy to see how they reached most of the conclusions.

But according to Madden 2020, which features Kansas City Chiefs quarterback Pat Mahomes as the cover athlete, the Philadelphia Eagles and Dallas Cowboys are the two best teams in football. These were both playoff teams a season ago and should compete for spots again in 2019, but I cannot help but scratch my head on this one.

At the risk of offending Dallas fans in the audience, let me be the first to say that the Cowboys are not the second best team in football. Their strong defense and running game will keep them in the conversation, but Dak Prescott will not lead them to the promised land. As for the Eagles, what has Carson Wentz accomplished exactly?

After an MVP-caliber season that was cut short to injury in 2017, Wentz watched backup quarterback Nick Foles lead his team to a Super Bowl 52 victory over the New England Patriots. Wentz led the Eagles to a 5-6 mark the following year before another season-ending injury. Foles then led Philly to the playoffs and a first round victory.

There is no doubt that Wentz is a terrific quarterback, but he has hardly been a part of what has made Philadelphia successful in recent years. To suggest the Eagles and Cowboys are better than teams like the Patriots, Saints, Rams, Chiefs and Bears is almost laughable at this point in time.

The Packers and Falcons also somehow found their way into Madden’s top 10 teams. While they have some skill players of note, neither team finished the 2018 season with records above 500.

The Houston Texans were in the middle of the pack as the 15th overall team with an 83 ranking, right behind the Bears, Chiefs and Vikings. DeAndre Hopkins was one of just four players in the game to earn a 99-overall rating.