Madisonville powerlifting results


Madisonville student-athletes competed at the Eagle Powerlifting Invitational in Fairfield on Feb. 1 and capped off the competition with a third-place finish. They will now look ahead to their next Invitational at Waller High School on Thursday.

132-pound weight class
Desmond Walls 1st 870 pounds total
Colby Sheppard 4th 835 pounds total
Bryce Roundtree 9th 650 pounds total
165-pound weight class
Andy Gonzalez 9th 915 pounds total
Asa Surface 11th 910 pounds total
181-pound weight class
Austin Longoria 4th 955 pounds total
198-pound weight class
Micheil Harrell 5th 1,025 pounds total
220-pound weight class
Corban Rodriguez 1st 1,325 pounds total
Tim Swonke 12th 910 pounds total
275-pound weight class
Colton Jordan 5th 1,035 pounds total
SHW (Super Heavyweight)
Joey McIver 1st 1,325 pounds total