Madisonville powerlifting results


Madisonville's weightlifting squad showcased their skills at a competition in Waller last Tuesday. The Mustangs finished the evening strong with seven top-5 finishes and a third-place team finish. The team will travel to Normangee on Saturday for their next competition and work to increase their weight total for an opportunity to finish in the top-12 of their weight class. The top-12 lifters in each weight class will compete at the Regional Powerlifting Meet on March 2.

148-pound class:
Desmond Walls second 935 total pounds.
Matthew Eason eighth 765 total pounds.

165-pound class:
Andy Gonzalez second 935 total pounds.
Asa Surface third 920 total pounds.

181-pound class:
Austin Longoria eighth 930 total pounds.

198-pound class:
Michael Harrell seventh 1,050 total pounds.

220-pound class:
Corgan Rodriguez first 1,375 total pounds.
Tim Swonke fourth 935 total pounds.

275-pound class:
Colton Jordan fifth 1,085 pounds.
Q'narius Butcher sixth 975 total pounds.

SHW (super heavyweight) class
Joey McIver second 1,300 pounds.