MCISD honors students with resolutions


The MCISD school board honored students Kasey Williamson, Zach Poe, Ben Phillips, Daniel Hernandez, Sam Bennett and Morgan Manning with student resolutions prior to their meeting for the month of June on Monday.

“Our board meetings are all about the students we serve,” said Superintendent Keith Smith. “Every decision we make revolves around them. We love them a whole lot and we are certainly going to miss our seniors.”

Williamson, Poe, Phillips and Hernandez were recognized for their placement on the All-Academic football team. Bennett was recognized for his second State Championship in golf and Morgan Manning for her top Etymology finish in FFA.

The board heard a presentation from guest Wes McDaniel, CEO of Ideal Impact, Inc. Ideal Impact works to conserve energy, primarily for ministries and schools, and to save their clients money. The company stated that their four year projects have a faster payback than the standard longterm projects, which focus on equipment replacement and other projected savings. Ideal Impact looks to measure savings at the energy meter and call their projects “straightforward and affordable.”

“Our partnerships help school districts across Texas save energy and put money into their maintenance and operations budgets,” said McDaniel. “Our school districts see an immediate positive impact and the longterm savings stick with the district for years to come.”

McDaniel listed multiple districts in which his company already operates, which included Franklin ISD. The proposed improvements to MCISD facilities were listed as follows (but not limited to): installing remote controllers on 324 HVAC units, changing additional controls on many of these units, energy optimization of 324 HVAC zones by the Ideal Impact mechanical team and the weatherization of all buildings.

McDaniel's estimated annual savings in five years under a basic commitment plan was $119,300 and the net total over a 15-year period was over three million. The board was intrigued in their discussion, but the item was tabled until next month’s meeting.

The board also heard from Athletic Director Rusty Nail, who highlighted the successes of a strong season across the board for the Mustangs. He also mentioned the advantage of Madisonville’s facilities and that they hosted over 40 postseason events at MCISD facilities.

“Everybody leaves here with a good perception of Madisonville,” said Nail. “It is not only generating some revenue for the school district, but quite a lot for the community as well. I appreciate the broad support that goes into something like this that allows us to host such events.”

In other business, the board:

Approved minutes of May 14, 2018 monthly meeting

Approved path college career 1 class

Approved five percent increase (15 cents) in child nutrition paid lunch equity