MFD seeks new equipment


Madisonville’s Fire Chief told the City Council last week that in order to meet ISO requirements, and to prepare for the inevitable change to a fire district, the city will need another fire engine.

Thom Jones said that Insurance Services Organization requirements are that the city have three working engines, and currently, there only is one, as the other two need mechanical work.

“The (new) engine passes a pump test, the other two don’t,” Jones said. “We allocated $30,000 for repairs this year, and that mainly will go to repair engine 2. This year, that engine is 35 years old.”

The new engine was purchased in 2016, and at that time, Jones said, he told commissioner he would be back because of the aging equipment the department has.

Engine 2 has been out of commissioner for a year, and Jones said estimates are that it will take up to $60,000 to make it a front-line engine. For $30,000, the pump could be repaired.

The third engine is about 23 years old, and will require about $15,000 of work, he said.

“I have to have three trucks, and I have one,” he said.

The issues, Jones said, are that if the truck were ordered now, it would start a fire district out in debt; if it were ordered after the creation of a fire district, then it could be up to five years before it could be ordered, and then there would be the issue that the fire district would have no credit history.

“It’s a serious issue,” he said. “We need to sit down and talk about it.”

In other business, the city:

•approved the application for a grant of $275,000 for sewer work;

•approved a contract with McCreary, Veselka, Bragg and Allen for collection of delinquent ac-counts receivables;

•discussed a redesign of the city flag;

•approved a memorandum of understanding with Madison County for electronics recycling to be held in January 2019; and

•approved changes to the city personnel policy, with include language that the city depart-ments will not be closed in cases of inclement weather.