MSCA cook off winners named


“Get Right Cookers 1”named Grand Champion of 2017 MSCA cook-off

The 2017 Madisonville Sidewalk Cattlemen’s Association (MSCA) cook-off was held on May 19th and 20th, at the American Legion/MSCA grounds, and was a big success. MSCA cook-off coordinator Sharon Phelps said, "This year's cook off went very well.  The 34th Annual MSCA Cook Off was dedicated this year to Linda Manning.  We had and excellent turn out of sixteen kids for the Kid's Cook and the auction went very well too.  All the monies raised from the cook off go to scholarships given to Madisonville CISD students and we are very happy to be able to support them so well.  Thank you to EVERYONE who sponsored and donated their time and money to making this year's cook off a success."

The list of winners are:

Grand Champion- Get Right Cookers 1

1st Chicken- Just Showed Up Bunch

1st Ribs- Front Porch Cookers

1st Beef- Get Right Cookers 2

2nd Chicken- Double Barrel Cookers

2nd Ribs- Double Barrel Cookers

2nd Beef- Get Right Cookers 1

3rd Chicken- Road Kill

3rd Ribs- RU Lazy 2

3rd Beef- Wagons East

4th Chicken- Cross Bar #2

4th Ribs- Hold Smoke

4th Beef- Gray Smoke 1

5th Chicken- Get Right Cookers 1

5th Ribs- BB&W

5th Beef- BMan Cookers

1st Bloody Mary- Gray Smoke

1st Margarita- Gray Smoke

Chili- Get Right Cookers 1

Beans- Pot Lickers

Open- Just Showed Up Bunch

Dessert- Just Showed Up Bunch